I believe you don't need a whole new wardrobe every season. 
Many times to refresh your personal style, 
all you need to revive old clothes is new accessories & a handful of fresh items.
Most of us have a good foundation to work with in terms of basics plus a handful of independent pieces we just "had to have". 
Problem is, we look in our closets & still think we have nothing to wear.

What is Shopping Your Closet?

Morgann assists you with:

•identifying your personal style
•determining your body shape & what silhouettes look best 
•organizing your closet
•deciding which items need to find a new home (sell+donate)
•filling the gaps with what items you need to purchase based on style, body type, trends
•putting together new outfit combos with your existing wardrobe!

Shop Your Closet appointments usually take 2-4 hours 
(pricing upon request, local 206/425/253 only). 

personal shopping & styling appointments (local 206/425/253 only)
managing sale of "items that need a new home" (you mail to me, I'll sell for you!)

For information on these services, just shoot me an email!