November 4, 2016


Ah the pumpkin patch. Time honored tradition...trekking into the mud to buy pumpkins of all sizes, shapes, and colors for way more than you can get them at the market or grocery store. HA! We spent $65 on these suckers! Naturally I chose to make this a fashion opportunity. Wellies, plaid shirt, the whole bit. 
 Can I just say how smitten I am with the plaid shirt/striped shirt combo? How have I never thought of this before. Mix your patterns, girls! It's so much fun!
 Plus when isn't it a good idea to wear bold, red lips? Never! You can do bold lips all day every day in my opinion. This is Sizzling from my new line of liquid lipsticks. Smashing may have been a more proper option {Smashing Pumpkins, anyone?} But that shade has way more orange to it and my shirt is red, so Sizzling it was....
Warm or not, clearly it had been wet...because the Hunters saved my bacon when I practically got stuck! These babies have actually been my faves this fall, it's kind of surprsing how comfortable they can be to walk in! 

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I couldn't resist these adorable pics with 2 of my 3 littles. 
Hope you all had a fantastic October + Halloween.
Mix it up. Flowers + stripes? Different size stripes? Plaid + stripes? The main trick to pattern coordinating is a common color. Keep the patterns of different scale and you'll be golden!

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