May 20, 2015

Bottom Shopping • Nordstrom on Sale

Since I left CAbi a few months ago I've felt free to shop where I want, when I want...I'm not so tied to buying all CAbi since I no longer have a discount of 50+%! That being said, all the new clothes I've purchased this year so far are from Nordstrom Rack (duh), Nordstrom, Gap, & ...CAbi! HA! I can't stay away! No OOTD (outfit of the day) posts lately, but soon!

Last year, Nordstrom went away with their bi-annual "Half Yearly" Sale and turned it into "Clearance". BLECH! First of all, I HATE that word. It screams bargain basement and cheap-o. Clearly I wasn't the only one, because the "Half Yearly" part of the Sale is back and the word "clearance" is out! Nordstrom is anything but "clearance", people. This sale goes through the end of the month, is for men, women, & kids, & is in-store and online!

One thing I LOVE in the warm weather months are comfortable bottoms. Done are the super skinny jeans and leggings...I really just love a nice loose fit jean or a maxi. Here's my roundup of "Half Yearly" faves!
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to the MAXI [skirt]
love a breezy maxi skirt...

to the MAXI [dress]
...but a dress means you don't have to worry about a top

dream DENIM  
not too tight, not too boring...

 SHOE envy
what shopper goes to Nordstrom and doesn't check out the shoe dept!?

time to DRESS up 
lots of events - graduations, weddings, babies, parties...I love all of these frocks!

buy now online (shipping is free!). return what you don't want, because these prices will mean sell outs for sure!

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