April 14, 2015


Oh, I'm a lucky lady, I know it. Here I am in my Lucky sweater (pun intended) counting the ways....
• people who love me, people whom I love
 a warm bed, food in our cupboards
 kids who I adore (most of the time)
 a career that not only pays well but keeps me free to do what I want when I want (most of the time)
 a blog that literally just sits here patiently waiting for me to post again
 a foot that is no longer incarcerated in a cast
• coffee + mascara, and lots of it
 sun shining outside 

No doubt I have lots more to be thankful for, but those just popped to mind. We shot these months ago but they got lost on the computer. I love the color combo of the blue and green and since it's the last shot of my sahweet black cast from my broken foot, I'm throwing caution to the wind and posting Fall in Spring, because I can. See, I'm lucky like that.  

What I'm Wearing
Lucky Sweater + Poseidon Puffer | CAbi
Super Inexpensive Boyfriend Jeans | NYDJ 
Shoe (haha, notice I didn't say shoes) | Nike
 All cosmetics, Younique

it's never too late to post lucky

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