January 12, 2015

A Funny Story

Hello people! Happy, Happy New Year!! I'm pumped for 2015. I just know it's going to be huge. #soexcited ...Not that I'm saying 2014 was not huge, but it had some big changes and a few curveballs. Bear with me here as we travel back to pre-Halloween for a minute.

I started 2014 by joining Younique and my business took off just in time to earn a free cruise to Bermuda! I couldn't have been more excited because A) I'd never been even close to earning a trip with my previous company, and B) not only did I earn this trip, so did most of my Y-sisters (that's the pet name we all have for each other in Younique - because we really do love each other!) I was going to head to Paradise in October with my buddies and every one of us had been with this company for 6 months or less when we earned this incentive. It was incredible and we were SO ready to take on Bermuda!
We departed Cape Liberty with NYC as the backdrop, setting sail (?!) on my first cruise - not knowing what to expect other than great times with my friends. Well --- except by the time we boarded the ship, there was one minor change. A little detour of sorts. See, Hurricane Gonzalo decided we should go to NORTHERN CANADA (St. Johns & New Brunswick) instead of Bermuda. Bermuda was expected to take a direct hit from this hurricane the very day we were due to arrive. Royal Caribbean decided a route change was in order and instead cruised us on up to Canada. Not quite the warm, tropical, beachy vacation ANY of us were expecting, but as we do, we made the best of it and had a fantastic time because the destination wasn't as important as the company kept.
The next curveball would happen the very first night of the cruise. Drinks, dinner, karaoke, severely broken foot....yep, that's right. Multiple metatarsals, ligament damage..
I missed a tiny step in a very dark bar and folded my foot in half as I was walking. GAH! It's not an interesting story AT ALL, is it?
I will say, without a doubt, that I never would have gotten through those next 5 days without the love and support of my friends. I was in pain, crippled, away from my family (some friends did bring spouses & kids, I did not...), depressed...but they were awesome. They helped me rally, got me contraband decent pain meds (because hello - tylenol with codeine is NOT what a regular doctor would order!), & literally pushed my sorry ass around a cruise ship and Canada for 5 days. 
Hopefully as you can tell, I did have an amazing time with the most incredible group of people ever. I can say that I actually would do it again! Except the breaking the foot part. I'm not signing up for that ever again. Because as I write this, it's 12 weeks later & I'm still in a hard cast. TORTURE! It's my right foot too, which means I can't drive. I've been pretty much homebound for months. And being in a cast?! I have three kids! A toddler for God's sake! And a love of fabulous shoes! Which I suppose doesn't matter since I haven't really been more than literally 10 places in the past 3 months, so who needs to put shoes on...or shower really...

So forgive my absence, but it's been a rough go this Fall and little to no photoshoots!
 I wanted to recap this cruise for a couple of reasons. To share where I've been for months, and to give a shoutout to my incredible Younique friends. 

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