December 10, 2014

All Good Things Come To An End...& My [Younique] WHY

When Glitter In The Grey was born exactly 2 years ago, my life felt and was quite different than it is today. One of the luxuries of life is to be able to embrace change and find the opportunities in it that you might otherwise overlook. I love that getting older has afforded me the ability to A) see things more clearly without the concern of what others think, and B) be able to look past seemingly daunting circumstances knowing a bright light is at the end of the tunnel. 
I think as a 20- or 30-something I was so obsessed with the here and now that I often lived life with blinders on. I got stuck in circumstances that weren't positive, often all inside my own head. I also had a hard time planning for the future because I was so busy living in the present. Trust me, I get the value of living in the present, but often in doing so, you could miss what might be a beautiful future sitting right beside youNow before you wonder if I'm getting divorced, moving out of state, adopting a baby, or quitting this blog....I'm not! 

I'm still as excited about fashion magazines, shopping and styling as I ever have been. I can't imagine that ever going away, because as passions go...nothing compares for me! But as any reader of this blog over the past 2 years has known, I've been a busy mama of 3 while blogging and running my CAbi business. I was quite happy and wasn't really looking for anything else in my life. That being said, I wasn't entirely fulfilled and as a family we were financially struggling. Both the blog and CAbi provided me with some residual income, but my husband & I both worked for 100% commission which had put us in a bad way over the years. His industry was the first hit by the downturn in the economy and one of the last to recover. It all just wasn't adding up as enough to sustain our basic life. There were months with unpaid mortgage, overdue bills, and literally selling things in order to buy food or clothes. Not a fond memory!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>          <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

In January of this year, I tried the mascara. Notice I didn't say I bought it. I couldn't even afford it! Seriously. No WONDER I blog about shopping for bargains!  Geesh! My  girlfriend Tina gave it to me and said if I loved it I could pay her later. Not having any expectations or plans, I tried it and was beyond WOWED. It was this weird moment of shock watching something happen in the mirror as I applied it. My face changed. My eyes opened up (literally and figuratively). I felt beautiful! I knew right in that instant that this was no regular mascara and every woman I knew had to know about it. It was either host an online party and get free makeup or spend $99 (ugh...) & earn commission on those sales. Well as mentioned, I didn't have $99. But I knew. I KNEW! I had to do it, so I used the last of my available credit. And never looked back. And I've never been more excited about my future.
My little cosmetics company 'experiment' has now turned into a full fledged GINORMOUS business. Who would have thought? NOT me! It's grown into something I'm excited to wake up to and work on all day long while taking care of my kids. It's also become more of a training and management role than a "let's sell some 3D mascara" thing. Which I relish in & love and didn't know I was missing for all these years. 

So here's the deal - after seven full & happy years with CAbi, I'm "hanging up my CAbi curtain" as we say. My life has just taken me down another path and while I tried the past 10 months to make both CAbi & Younique equally important in my life (while pretty much abandoning this blog!), Younique seemed to always take priority. I was more excited to do that,  was more fulfilled doing that. My time was being spent more efficiently, my mind was getting back to management, training and new business development and I was excited every day! My team grew leaps & bounds organically. I made quick and close friends with so many who also had no idea what they were doing and getting into & we navigated the early stages of a social-media based cosmetics company together. Our online community was as close as if we lived next door & the income was truly icing on the cake. I've joked (but I'm actually serious) that I would do this job for free. Best of all, all those things that have happened over the past 10 months are no doubt going to increase exponentially over the next 10 months and beyond. #soexcited

I'd like to say a special thank you to several very special people who've helped me build & run my CAbi businesses over the past seven years. Barb, Karen, & Susan, I could never have done this without you. My buddies in the field - Lisa, Heidi, Kim, Reb, Dolores. And a very special thank you to my wonderful CAbi hostesses, many of which have more CAbi in their closets now than every other brand combined. Patty, Toni, Stacey, my Mom, the Jill's, Lani, Robin, Angelique, Linda, Jen, Jodi, Jodie, Trudy, Emily, Jennafer,  & Lynne. No doubt I'm missing people, but my heart is in the right place! 

So this all being said, I'm now your go-to cosmetics lady. I'll have more time to be your style guru again, and hunt down bargains like nobody's business. I'll still shop & talk CAbi too, & plan to keep that community close to my heart and life as much as I can. 
I'm currently in the process of preparing to sell off all of my CAbi inventory. I have a big list of everything current available, if you'd like to see it, please email me & I'll be happy to forward it to you! We have our big group sale this weekend, so if you're in the Seattle area, please do stop by & share this with your fashion-loving friends!
Thank you also for still being here, reading this as I get this all off my chest! It's been a long thought out decision to leave CAbi and one not made impulsively. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about CAbi, Carol Anderson, Kimberly Inskeep, & Kim Carpenter. I'll miss being a part of that world, but know I'll still get to connect regularly through the blog and events in the future.

Here's a tiny little sneak peek of CAbi's Spring-15 collection in case you haven't viewed it yet!

follow your heart. embrace new. be ready when change knocks on your door. 

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