November 25, 2014

THAT Was Service....

Here's the story - short, sweet, & incredible. I went Christmas shopping at one of my favorite places - Nordstrom Rack in Factoria. My mecca for bargains and hideaway of designer items no one else seems to know the value of. It was one of those trips that ended up being "one for you, one for for you, two for me". But since I've been pretty much housebound with my kids and haven't been shopping in over a month (!!!), it was Heaven on earth to be dropped off there there for 3 hours of solitary bliss. Only overworked Moms & Shopaholics will even understand the passion for shopping alone...

Well, I scored and got a TON of great stuff. And some amazing deals. Like 6 bags. So when the alarms went off as I was leaving, and the Loss Prevention gal went through my bags for sensors, I wasn't surprised. I mean, it was A LOT. But she didn't find anything & let me go, alarms buzzing as I exited.

Fast forward to yesterday when I finally got through it all. And found this little leech on my husband's Thomas Dean shirt that I scored for 70% off.
Well as any social media maven would, I talked about it online. On my GITG Facebook, and naturally tagged Nordstrom Rack in my commentary, which may have said this:

Aghhh! That moment when you get a bunch of great deals at Nordstrom Rack and 2 ppl check your bags because you make the alarms go off as you leave and still can't find this. 

Well to my surprise, Nordstrom Rack's social media guru private messaged me right away. I explained the situation and less than 10 minutes later the store manager from Factoria Rack called me. So sweet, so helpful, and so willing to take care of this. 

You guys will NEVER believe what happened next. I still can't believe it. About 30 minutes later, a Rack employee was at my door. With a mobile security-sensor-remover. He said Hi, I gave him the shirt, he popped off that little nipple-looking tag and was outta here. For REAL! So if you ever doubted my sincerity for the love & affection I have for Nordstrom Rack, think again. 
There's an adage about service sharing that says something like: You'll share with more people about a negative experience than you will about a positive one. I'm trying in my life to keep it positive and generally don't want to be the do me a favor and share THIS story! It's a great one!!

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