November 20, 2014


I'm going to be totally honest here - I've had the best of intentions to blog, and have often even taken pics to blog with. I've even edited pics and written down tons of blog ideas! But life got in the way and nothing new hass been published since summer. But...I've got some fun fresh leftover content...& once you see what I look like now, you'll understand why posting these images from a few months ago is necessary (!!). You'll see soon enough I promise! Some big changes going on with me as of late and I'm excited to say I'll have more time to dedicate to GITG.
All locals will recognize this amazing pink reflective wall. It's one of my fave Seattle spaces. Frank Gehry designed this incredible museum, dedicated to the history & exploration of popular music, science fiction, & pop culture. It's called EMP & it sits in the majestic shadow of this equally loved, world-famous structure:
(photo credit - life & ink)
It's hard to play tourist in your own city, you often need an occasion to do it or you get too wrapped up in everyday life to explore things visitors from all over the world come to see. As a fam, we did the Space Needle & even ate at Sky City, one of the worlds top revolving restaurants, at the top of it (totally overpriced but decent...). Super fun day with my littles though!  
What I'm Wearing
Striped Tee | Malene Birger
Black Coated Denim | NYDJ (my faves)  • also in plus!
Sandals | Gentle Souls Break My Heart (looooove! & on sale!) • other options
 All cosmetics | Must Have Mascara
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This is exactly the type of thing you pay a little more for. You're paying for quality, design details, hand craftsmanship  & the fact they're designed so purposefully in Seattle! 
You don't pay for a fancy designer logo or brand name (at least in this case).

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