July 14, 2014


It's that time of year again, to dust off (ha!) your Nordies card and save 33% on brand new Fall arrivals.  I've lovedlovedloved this time of year since I can remember. Last year I gave you a Nordstrom history lesson and talked about my experiences with this mammoth sale, both as an employee & a customer.
The insanity of the first day of the sale has diminished significantly thanks to the WWW. We now get to pre-shop and besides looking only at the catalog that came in the mail, see  almost everything that will be in the stores come. Nordstrom's pre-shop online & in stores is for card holders only. I have a Nordstrom debit card, which is genius. I get to earn rewards points and have access to events/pre-shop/etc, but no pesky APR or risk of debt. The charges come right out of my bank account so I can't go nuts (like I used to).
The 'early access' pre-shop is available online right now through July 17th. On the 18th, the doors to all Nordstrom stores open bright and early for the public to get their hands on all this goodness. Double points also happen now, so it's the time to shop!

Naturally I've curated an awesome list of great must-see items from all women's departments. I've skipped home, gifts, men & kids on this roundup, but there is a ton more in those departments!

Now... if you can't view these links on mobile, this post is worth saving and going back to once you're at your desktop and can check it out! I promise it will save you a bunch of time. 

I've only selected items that work on most all body types, that are practical, flattering,  will work for a couple years (i.e. not trendy), and all are (mostly) decent prices (sorry, though, you know I can't help myself...). 

In all honesty, while Nordstrom is by far my favorite store, I don't think Nordstrom is the place to buy trendy items. It's just not worth the investment generally to pay Nord prices for those things. Save those purchases for Asos, Old Navy, Goodnight Macaroon, Zara, and Nordstrom Rack. 
{ This is not a sponsored post, I just really love Nordstrom! It contains affiliate links...which means that I'll earn a small commission off any purchases you make from the #NSale picks! Which is ok, since I'm virtually your personal shopper...right?! }

Shop smart. But if you don't, Nordstrom is the best place to make a mistake because you can always, always, always return stuff. Anytime. Worn or new.

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