June 26, 2014


On a hunt. Again. This time for a chic cross body bag. Lately, I'm constantly on a swap between wallet and tote. There doesn't seem to be a need for a regular sized bag, although the "wallet" usually means wallet+keys+phone, so my hands are full, things get dropped (iPhone cracks...), I get irritated...so instead of keeping my lovely current wallet and finding a slim cross body I LOVE to go with it, I started researching completely new options.

Holy Cow. You can't imagine how [pleasantly] shocked I was to discover BEVEE. Luxe, amazing details, designer without paying for a label, AND they're local! Bummed to find out I missed their launch party invite while I was on bloggy hiatus but made up for it when  they met me for coffee to talk shop & show me their products!
I can't figure out what is more interesting about all of this...the designers, the story behind the products, or the name of the company. Bevee. Stemming from a French word formerly used to describe a group of female beauties, it also means flock of quail.

Bevee has two products, both luxury versions of a wallet on a chain. "Small bags for big bag lovers". Both hold everything you need and are crafted out of butter soft leathers. The 'Trifold' is the larger one (above), the 'Continental' is the zip around one. There are so many cool details of both, I don't know where to start. Maybe the snap off "essentials" billfold that you can pop off & stash in a clutch or when you're switching out handbags. Or the cool key fob that attaches to the back and tucks in a pocket. Or the fact both look as cool with the leather/chain strap as without. Or the colors...
The designers are as lovely as they are worldly. Both had been hugely successful in the fashion world before pairing up, and serendipitously attended the same grad school in Paris at different times. Both ended up in Seattle because of their husbands careers, and were lucky enough to find each other and share an entrepreneurial passion. DT Levy (on the left) is Israeli & previously ran a huge fashion company in Europe. Sasha Muir (on the right) hails from Britan and started and runs a little nail polish company you may have heard of...both are my type of women - cheerful, down to earth, moms to littles, & passionately driven to not only succeed, but in creating something women need that offers luxury and versatility at a reasonable price. LOVE! 
The Bevee bags are designed as classics, and hold everything you need and nothing you don't. I'm slightly obsessed with saving up for one now (more so after writing this piece!)
Maybe you can help me pick a color - chime in below!  
To get your Sidekick you can check out their site HERE! (packaging is amazingly beautiful and shipping is free).
They're also active with social media so check out FB, Twitter & IG too!


This is exactly the type of thing you pay a little more for. You're paying for quality, design details, hand craftsmanship  & the fact they're designed so purposefully in Seattle! 
You don't pay for a fancy designer logo or brand name (at least in this case).


I also need to mention I'm helping host a CAbi multi-rep sample sale in Bellevue this weekend and you're all free to come shop. Bring your wallet, your friends, and wear cute panties for the communal dressing room.

$7-$80, everything 50%-90% off, all sizes, styles, our venue is on Lake Washington and it will be so.much.fun!

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