February 13, 2014

What's Up

Hey everybody! Some key things you need to know know...

ZARA opens today at Westlake. If you like the look of crisp, clean lines & dressing like a European, you're in luck. The sizing is small, be prepared, but pricing is moderate. I've had hits & misses w/ Zara, but if you order online, it's free shipping both ways so no risk! Some of my faves from their Spring lineup are here: 

I've got a sahweeet giveaway for some jewels like this....

My giveaway for the CAbi scarf produced a winner that didn't respond...to multiple attempts! Can you even...?! Lucky for you, it means I've selected a new winner...so congrats to...
Also, I've become moderately obsessed with Younique mascara. They offer a bunch of other products I've heard great things about, but haven't tried much of it so I'm sticking to the lashes. YOU NEED THIS. 
It's almost shocking how great this mascara set works, and I've converted so many of my friends already. I'm doing a little extra bonus with a free lipgloss raffle to the first 10 orders that come in. 

Last night for my birthday, one of my girlfriends gifted me the ultimate Seattle gift. They're the greatest handblown glass votives that look so beautiful lit or unlit. 10% of all sales got to charity & the color selection is endless. It's a glassybaby. The one she picked out for me is called 'wingman'. SO PERFECT!

That's all for today loves, have a great one!

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