February 21, 2014

Perf Chic

I remember a couple of years ago, I found this here image & became obsessed with finding this tote or something as similar as possible to it. I knew it was likely designer, based on the scalloped edge details, variations in perf sizes, little feet on the bottom, & perfectly sewn strap.
I dreamt of it & am still excited to see it after all this time. If anyone knows where I can get it, do me a favor & do share...That being said, this image is from an Italian street style blog  & was snapped 3 1/2 years ago...so, my hopes aren't high...but I lovelovelove it!

However, things like it are popping up all over the place, because it's PERFectly Chic for perforations to be literally on everything now.
A major element in many designers Spring-14 look books includes the dotty, perforated open weave look. You'll see it everywhere, from fabrics to leathers, & on jewelry, shoes, accessories, & clothing. I adore it. It's fresh & adds a slight visual interest without too much added texture, & tends to be tone-on-tone so it's not an issue of you want to mix it with another print or texture. 
(The collage features the CAbi seaside pullover sweater & CAbi fairway jacket). CAbi is available for purchase through an Independent Consultant, like me!

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don't give up on your fashion dreams. I knew this bag was a classic the moment I saw it, & something I'll covet forever. Maybe I will get lucky someday & find it! A girl can dream... 

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