February 3, 2014

Good Jeans // & The Guide To Avoid Bad Ones

Whats up for Spring denim trends, you ask? Well lucky for you, NO ONE will have a problem in 2014! Whether you're age 20 or 60, size xs or xl, these denim trends can be embraced by all.
Cut |skinnies are still a staple, but looser 'boyfriend' cuts are also hot.

Wash |white, dark, color, all over print, over washed (read: super faded), basically anything goes. I still (& will always) hate acid wash, but if you're under 25 I guess you could do that too.

Leg Opening | again, skinny is still 'it', but straight legs are making a huge surge, and narrower boot cuts (alĂ  the 'baby boot') are back (say hallelujah curvy girls!). flares are also here to stay, we've seen them (generally with a high rise) for a few seasons now & while they're not the norm, they're not out!

Rise |thankfully, I think low rise may officially be dead for at least another 10 years. thank gawd. mid- to high-rise is where it's at! 

Length|as has been for a couple of years now, an ankle length (or just above) is tops. whether skinny or straight leg. if your jeans aren't naturally ankle, feel free to roll them up to ankle length for an instant update. full length denim is imperative if you're going for a boot cut or flare. jeans must hit at least the top of your instep. 

Hem |rolled or cuffed hems are great, be prepared for that distressed denim look to take off all the way down to the hem. if you want to be ahead of the curve, cut off your jeans just above the ankle and fray out the bottoms. 

Now since you're reading this blog, I have no doubt you know the following...since I know I don't have any unfashionable followers.
However, some things to keep in mind...

Pockets |this is really where "MOM jeans" happens. You can do everything else right, but if the pockets are too angled and too high, mom jeans you get. CAbi doesn't make mom jeans so if you need a new pair, every size, 0-16, will have correctly angled & placed pockets.

Bagginess |a certain amount of loose fit is awesome. too much is terrible. they need to be loose in only one area. naturally they need to fit your hips. they can be loose in the thigh, but then they need to stay narrow to a straight leg from there. OR...they can be baggy at the calf/hem (i.e. boot/flare), but need to be more fitted in the thigh. you decide, but never both. 

Length |as mentioned above, I love ankle length. just short enough to highlight a great little shoe or bootie, but not too short to stump out your legs. when going for a cropped length, just remember the term "ankle length". if it's above your ankle by much, you're likely looking stumpy. I'm not a fan of capri length denim (shudder). those hit  somewhere between your knee and lower leg, usually at the widest part of the calf. the key is to have the hem of your shorter jeans hit at the narrowest part of the leg, i.e. an inch or so above the ankle. if you're tall or short, this is rule for denim that isn't full length.

Detailing | not a big fan. studs, embroidery, crystals...save them all for your jewelry or sewn onto your uber-cool sweatshirts.

Lastly...what SHOES do you wear with denim?
Ladies, naturally the call is yours. My preference is a dressier shoe, since you're wearing JEANS...as well as spicing up the top a little. I mean, you don't want to look like you're headed to the dump or yard work right?


The image at top is the Spring offering from CAbi. My faves are the pigment died lobster jeggings (the orangey red ones), and the pair on the far right, the distressed Brett jean. View all CAbi denim here.

Whatever denim style you embrace, rock it with confidence. Always dress up the shoe or the top or the jewelry or all of the above to make denim a style and not a last resort.

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