January 23, 2014

Vacation State Of Mind // CAbi Sp14

As promised, my recap on #CAbiScoop! 
Flew to Dallas last week (my home away from home), by MYSELF for the first time in 8 years to view the Spring 2014 CAbi collection & attend our biannual convention. 

Those of you who know me know I head to Dallas at least twice a year for friends/family visits & for CAbi shows. I always bring at least one of my kids with me, often two, so flying all that way all alone was sort of like a mini-vacation in itself!
Excited to share snaps & anecdotal notes from my trip this weekend...
but for now...my review of SP14 CAbi! Scoop kicked off with the runway show, which never disappoints. The below clip is actual footage from last week's show, & as you can tell, there's no skimping on excitement from either the audience or the models. It's sort of like the anti-runway show, since the models will totally be fired for not smiling or having fun. The more sass & spring, the better.

To start, I'll admit I'm a fall/winter girl. I've sold this line for years & maybe it's the clean lines...or solid colors...or the fact I live in a cool climate, but I prefer the fall collections.  That said, I do love the direction CAbi is headed with the design + marketing. The bonus book & promo video was shot in ritzy St. Barths & the scenes are amazing. As usual, the lookbook was shot in studio, which leads to a crisp, cohesive end product.
Things I'm SUPER excited about // denim. Two new fits & four best-seller fits in new washes or prints. The center jean above is the Brett jean, a new boyfriend style that also comes in a deconstructed bleached out wash. LOVE.
Another thing // jackets. I think slipping on a little blazer or jacket is about the most sophisticated decision you can make with your outfit. There are 13 styles this season! One of which is a version of my army anorak that I actually (gasp!) paid full price for at Nordstrom a year ago, but this one is actually better. 

I've mentioned recently how HUGE I think sporty/chic is going to be, and CAbi is right on board with that. Not only is there a great new offering of our tech line to rival the quality, fit, & wear of any Lulu, Lucy, or Athleta, but the demonstration of how to style such a look. Like a sporty pant with a more dressed up top (as in the 3rd image below). 
And lastly // uniqueness. Naturally, there are tried & true CAbi-style best sellers that women will adore. Draped tops, pull-on (& once again, reversible!) skirts, soft cotton cardi's, nautical stripes, & tunics galore. But the greatest items in my mind are the ones that look nothing like what I've seen. The prints this season are by far the most creative & different we've ever shown. 

And I'll highlight them in a later post, but my #1 & #2 items this season are a chunky summer sweater & a top that looks like it was born from a blazer & a wrap tank. See!? Unique!

Overall, I'm thrilled with this collection, have tried on at least 50% of it, & can't wait to show it to you in my own way. This is the sneak peek of the collection, which officially comes out Feb 1st. If you have a CAbi consultant of your own, don't hesitate to find out when you can see the line in person, I promise it won't disappoint! And if you don't, I'm more than happy to help you out, local or afar, I've got you covered.
I practically screamed my love for CAbi's FA13 line the past 3 months, so it would have surprised me if I liked this one better. I know I'll find can't-live-without items (I always do...!), but since it's January & I'm so obsessed with black, leather, animal prints, & GREY...nothing compares right now! Come April all I'll want is light fabrics & white jeans...

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