January 20, 2014

Superbowl Bound

First things first // hopefully you've been following Glitter In The Grey on social media the past week. I have LOTS (lots!) to share about Spring fashion, new CAbi, Texas style, etc. Watch for that this week.
In the meantime, lets talk....football (!?!?!

Last night I flew home from Dallas during a pretty important football to those in these parts. You would have thought we were headed to Cabo for Spring Break, not DFW--->SEA on a Sunday night. There was a whole lotta partying going on because the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC playoffs & are going to the Super Bowl! That is HUGE & so exciting for this town of traditionally mediocre sports teams. Most of you loverly readers are also WA gals so perhaps it's time to get chatting about some wearable team spirit.
You can find jerseys & men's hats & stuff like that, but in order to add a little style (& figure-flattering fit) to the mix, I thought I"d offer you some Beast Mode Chic. Easiest thing to do is sport a women's cut simple tee. This one above This one is super appealing to me since it has no lettering & is minimalistic.

If you're a DIY'r a transfer decal like this would be easy to trick out an existing top & add a bit of glittery sparkle.

This Seahawks Pashmina Scarf is really cute in person & very subtle. Just a hint of spirit.

lots of great women's t-shirt options


for men+kids
Naturally, the most important event in this city on Feb 2nd will be the Superbowl. Will you be watching? Will you be sporting team gear? I say yes!

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