January 8, 2014

I Found The Perfect Shirt

This is the perfect shirt. more on that below.

Perhaps you were lucky enough to find some green under the tree this year. Lucky you! I didn't, but that doesn't usually stop me from finding some great items to lust after...so I'm going to do some virtual Christmas money shopping...and who knows, I do have a birthday in a few weeks so maybe I'll get lucky after all!

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My first stop would be Savvy @ Nordy's. The department is trending a little younger than I'm trying to dress (crop tops & micro mini's), but there are great on-trend items with not-so-horrifying price tags there. A lot of the above collection is from Savvy, among other Nordstrom departments, with some Anthropologie & random online stores thrown in. 
The top pick & must have is that blouse. That one up top that comes in 13 colors (!) First of all, the collar is just perfect for everyone. It resembles a traditional collar but isn't. It's flattering like a v-neck but not plain. The drape & slouchy fit work for everyone (whether you're trying to hide any post-holiday situations or not). The hem is longer in back in case you want to wear skinny jeans & have some coverage. It's washable, has a bit of stretch, & is only $58! How many colors do you need?
I really don't try to make you guys shop all the time, but when I find something as awesome as this blouse & all the other stuff I'm lusting after, I can't NOT tell you about it!

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