January 10, 2014

Footie Friday // Sneakers Go Glam

(images via my pinterest)
On my radar right now // the juxtaposed look of glam + casual. Sassy & slightly dressed up clothing + sneakers. It's the same concept as heels with distressed denim, only opposite. 
I'm picturing my long leather skirtoversized knit sweater with sneaks. Or my fave black pants + leopard faux fur with sneaks. Oooh! Or my CAbi fleather pencil skirt & cropped sweatshirt. Wonder how many combos I'll come up with? The key will be finding a pair that are as comfy as my booties & boots. Which sounds weird, because they're sneakers, right?! Well, I have issues...first my size 10.5-11 feet. So many of the cute sneaks only go up to 10's....& I'm actually one of those weird people whose feet & legs feel better when I'm in a heel. Seriously.
(images via my pinterest)

While I personally believe tastemaker Jenna Lyons started this whole 'sneaks are cool' thing...I'm seeing a lot more athletic shoes + sneakers in designer's presentations, so expect to see this look trending huge into next season....which I adore since it falls perfectly into my casual//chic mantra. 
I'm not adverse to wedge sneakers at all...I have some, I really like them...but they're sort of a fancy sneaker. What I'm talking about here is a vans/superga/converse vibe that actually looks like it doesn't belong with a dressed up item like leather pants, sequins, or a dress...that's the genius of it!

Some of the styles I'm considering...

I'm seeing a TON of plain, white sneakers in Spring campaigns. While I'd love to go there, I just can't at this point. See, I have a complex already about my giant ski-feet & highlighting them with bright white shoes frightens me! I'm sticking to black or leopard I think... 

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