January 7, 2014

Chic @ 40+

Quintessentially Chic

I'm coming to terms with the fact I'm no longer in my 30's. I'm 11 mos into my 40's & this is my first public acknowledgement on the blog that I'm....gasp...40! Shit! I suppose with age comes grace, lovewisdom, children, opportunity, careers & the like so I'm grateful to have lived all those 20's and 30's to bring me to this point. 

I've been one of those fashionistas whose had a problem embracing exactly where in fashion I should actually fit. I've felt like I've always been in the wrong place during the wrong time. In college, I dressed like a teenager. Post college I dressed like a 40 year old lawyer. In my 30's I dressed like I was headed to the gym everyday (I wasn't, btw). Now I hope I've finally gotten a grasp on it all, even though I sometimes dress like I'm I'm 30, I think I'm projecting the image I want to. That of a pulled-together mom of young kids with a sense of self+style. Casual/Chic. Sporty with an edge. Trend-mindful. Aging with grace & ideally looking younger than my years.

As I've mentioned before, I was supremely inspired to start Glitter In The Grey in 2012 by Pinterest. I discovered & started following a ton of fashionistas online. Thing is, many of them are under 25! Granted, they have amazing sense of style & self, & I still garner lots of inspiration from them, but I want this to be a place where you don't have to compare yourself to someone in a crop top, worry if you can squeeze into size 25 jeans, or think some jiggle & wrinkles can't be chic. Well, maybe the jiggle isn't chic, but you can dress it up & feel good about yourself. 

One of the super cool blogs that I follow is Girls of a Certain Age, penned by Kim France, who worked in fashion print for years (she's one of the ones we can thank for Lucky magazine!) Below is an interview that I enjoyed.

So to start 2014, I guess I'm resolving to embrace this time of my fashion-life. I know I have a lot of clients (& probably lots of you!) that are over-40 & questioning what you have to do be be stylish, age-appropriate, current, & project the best image of yourself you can.....right? 
Let's do this.
Over-40 women can & should embrace style. No matter the budget or body shape, it's possible.

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