January 3, 2014

Be A Shopping Genius // More Tips & Tricks For Nordstrom Rack Deals

Being that Nordstrom Rack is one of my favorite stores to shop, I've compiled a whole host of ways to save even more money there than their already slashed prices (read that here). That particular post is still one of my all-time most read, so clearly you're with me on the looking-like-a-million-bucks (while spending much much less). Or...in Nordstrom Rack lingo, becoming a Shopping Genius.

<<<<< But wait, there's MORE >>>>>
1 • Social Media This is really a no-brainer...every company is putting out special info to their SM channels that can't be found elsewhere. Follow The Rack on twitter & FB for general information...but to really nail down the good info...follow your local store. Recently I found out via twitter that my Rack (like how I think it's mine?!) was having an additional 25% off all clearance merchandise. That's huge!

2 • Get a Nordstrom Card - Seriously...I'm not condoning retail credit cards, but I have a Nordstrom Debit card that pulls from my bank account like any other debit card, but it earns me rewards and Nordstrom Notes
>>>>> For every 2000 points, you get $20 in Nordstrom Notes that can be spent on anything at any Nordstrom store. They add up fast when you shop on special 10x points days like I just did! I did a ton of my Christmas shopping a few weekends ago when the Rack had 4 hours of 10x points and I'll earn some huge Nordstrom Notes that I can spend later.
>>>>> Also, when you sign up, you get your first $20 Nordstrom note when spending just $100.

3 • Randomly Placed Rolling Racks  Sometimes on the hard isle you'll see some racks that look out of place. Often times, they're holding merch that need to be put back, but sometimes they hold treasures. Check the price tags. Below is my favorite tag to see at Nordstrom Rack. They can be found on regular & sale rounders too.
4 • 'Altered or Refinished' = super markdown price because it's been moderately fixed. Most of the time you literally can't even tell what's been altered and they're always extra discounted. The above Maison Scotch tee was less than $10! The below Hudson jeans were 67% off retail. I have no idea what was "wrong" with either of these, I searched & couldn't tell.
My favorite 'altered or refinished' treasures of late have been this North Face coat for my daughter ($29) and some random brand blouse for 85% off that I'll show you this week. Earlier this year I bought three dresses (this lace onethis pleated one & this green one) for a total of $79 (81% off retail). I've worn all three, and they're pretty classic cuts & colors so they'll be in my wardrobe for years.
5 • $5 & $10 Designer Shoes For real. If I do say so myself...I'm a serious Shopping Genius at women's shoes. Really. Helps that I love shoes & don't mind scanning Nordstrom Rack's shoe isles regularly. I'm size 10-10.5-11, so I always go through all those rows. 
The key >>>>> think off-season. Buy sandals in fall/winter, boots in spring/summer. Besides the above Coach sandals for $5, I've found $350 Tory Burch pumps for $10, Mark & James nude heels for 95% off, and Ivanka Trump sandals for $5. These Corso Como booties were $5, as were these. Remember these? Also $10. Not to mention Rachel Zoe gold sandals, Cole Haan booties, & UGGs for under $35. All found at Nordstrom Rack.
6 • Nordstrom Rack Online?? Well...Hautelook. Nordstrom owns this private sale site, and I have a feeling it will in the near future become the online shopping presence for Nordstrom Rack (at least I'd love it to). The deals are decent, usually 40-60% off. Especially if you're on the hunt for something specific (like a black dress or nude pumps), and prefer to shop online, start there!
When  it comes to Nordstrom Rack (or any discount retailer, shop smart & score. I mean, how great does that receipt up top look....I spent $80 & "saved" $1200!
Do you have any more ideas?

Also, another big group CAbi sample sale tomorrow in Seattle!

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