January 29, 2014

A New Beauty Find

When my little man was an infant, he was presented  the above 'award' at our baby group. I mean, the boy's lashes are to die for. Long lashes, whether on a baby or adult, really highlight the face and make everything look better. Why else would there be such a huge market for false lashes & eyelash extensions? 
I know a handful of women that have had eyelash extensions, & literally wore no other makeup. And looked incredible. Each of them looked younger, more refreshed, & so pretty in that natural-beauty-kind-of-way. Fast forward a number of months, & none of them have those lashes anymore. Know why? Besides being fairly expensive, they're super high maintenance & can't be done at home. I've found the alternative though.

My usual beauty routine is 5-10 min tops. For the eyes, it always involves an eyelash curler & mascara. Currently, I'm using Smashbox which I love, & a high quality eyelash curler. Since high school I've used an eyelash curler, I believe it works wonders at opening up the eye. 

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Tina introduced me to the above Younique 3D fiber mascara with such excitement you'd think she invented it. Curiosity got the best of me, & I felt it was something I had to try & share with you all (whether good or bad). Instead of using a lash growing serum, false lashes, or extensions, she said this product gave the same, if not better results in single use applications. And washed off easily. And lasted all day. And was super easy to apply....
It also came in a great little quilted looking compact container. Which can likely be used to hold your glasses after my 2-month supply is all gone.

The directions said to use your own mascara first, the apply the above gel. Which goes on just like mascara.

The next step is to apply the natural fibers (shown above) onto the still-wet gel. They adhere to the gel & instantly create volume and length. Seal the fibers in with another coat of the transplanting gel & voilĂ ! Or, add a second layer of gel-fibers-gel. Depends on how long & thick you want the lashes to look. I didn't, but you could also use a lash comb to remove any little clumps.
This is me...granted I do have eyeliner on so it's a bit harder to tell, but the end result is from one layer of my mascara & one gel-fibers-gel layer. Super amazing. You could also do multiple layers for a more dramatic look, which could look something like this:

But the best part is the longevity. The same day I snapped those before pics above, I spent the entire day at CAbi Scoop. Which was followed by dinner + drinks. I snapped below at 10:30pm. Eyes still look great, and while my eyeliner & concealer are faded away, my mascara is perfect. Nary a flake. I used a regular (Lancome I think) eye makeup remover that night, but the next night just my regular facial cleanser. Both times the mascara washed right off. No scrubbing or pulling.

I'm royally obsessed with this brand spankin' new (to me) beauty product. So much so that after using it for only a week I'm selling it. Like I don't have enough on my plate...but besides the kids, getting all of you up to speed on Internet sales & how to get dressed...outfitting as many King county women as I can in CAbi, I also now hock beauty products. Something I never thought I'd say. I mean, I like makeup & all, but I've been to the beauty counters about 3x in the past 5 years. I spend NO time (or money) on cosmetics usually, & tend to just go for the basics (which of course does include a bold lip). 

The eyes have it though! Nothing brightens your face like a pretty eye, with or without liner or shadow, the lashes make all the difference. Plus, feeling pretty and good about yourself is where it's at, ladies! 
So, if you're interested in trying this little gem of a set out, it's $29 (+s&h)....

I rarely jump on the bandwagon with things like this, but I swear this product is so amazing, it's worth the money in every way. I haven't found a mascara I liked the results of as much as this one that wasn't waterproof & nearly impossible to get off.

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