December 27, 2013

My Dad Would Laugh At This

Phew! Did you make it through Christmas ok? I had an abundance of family time, mimosas, watching kids ogle over new toys, and even a little post-Christmas shopping (which surprisingly didn't amount to much, or overwhelm me with insane clearance shoppers.) Hope your holiday was great & you're not fighting the Christmas hangover I feel (not alcohol-induced, but the thought that it's all usual, super disappointing for me!)
A few years ago CAbi had a military jacket that was super reminiscent of a real Army coat...but a little more girly & certainly more tailored. When I pulled it out at my mom's show, she immediately said, "Wait!", and ran upstairs to grab this. I'd seen this coat over the years (it's authentic from my Dad's time in the service) and he always wore it for around the house painting projects.  
Since that night, it's been in my closet. A little historic part of my Dad I can look and smile at. See, since he died it's become all the more special, something I'll never part with. I imagined getting it tailored since it's pretty wide, but decided this day I'd just try it belted. It's actually the first time I've ever worn it, and my daughter said I looked like a zookeeper. LOL. At least I keep them entertained. 
What I'm Wearing //
Striped Knit Dress // Gap (similar or here or here)
Vintage Army Coat // One of a Kind (Thanks John Bush!)  this is awesome too though
Black Tights // DKNY (faves forever)
Bag // Rebecca Minkoff Giraffe Haircalf MAC Bombe (the 'Serena' is close & on super sale!)
Boots // Paul Green or similar for much less

Because if you're going to pull out an army coat and try to wear it all fashion-y...this is the time. And enjoy the laughter that will likely ensue from the original owner who probably can't believe you think that is fashion. :)

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