November 21, 2013

What to Wear // To An Interview

In the spirit of 'partly professional' from yesterday...I'll continue the theme with interview attire (or meeting, presentation, etc.) I recently had a 3-hour interview for a position (that I unfortunately did not get). While I was unsuccessful in my bid, I know I presented the best outward appearance that truly reflected my style and my personality. I also felt comfortable and chic. Here's me afterward, happy & unfazed because I thought it went well! ...which it did, I just wasn't the right hard feelings.
What to Wear // To An Interview
1 • your overall outfit should be somewhat conservative, reflect your personal style, & not be uncomfortable //
Besides showing too much skin, the worst thing you can wear to an interview is something that doesn't "belong". This can mean the outfit doesn't belong in that environment, or doesn't belong on you. Keep it real. If you never wear a suit, don't borrow an ill-fitting one. It looks like you're both unprepared and trying too hard.

2 • the days of a classic matching suit (pants or otherwise) are over. unless you're interviewing for a ├╝ber-conservative corporate position, opt for separates // 
This isn't to say no to a jacket, I love jackets. But if you choose to wear one, it looks much more fresh to wear a different color (or print) pant or skirt. 

3 • you're not boring, so don't make your outfit a yawn // 
Show some personality with color, not over-the-top-jewelry. Don't forget that 80% of your first impression is visual (more? I'm not good with #s). Naturally you can't forget makeup & lipstick, and a smile.

4 • bag + shoes // 
Even if you're only toting a folder with your resume or blank paper, it reads professional to carry a nice tote. It can also double as your purse, in my case I wanted some bright color so I carried both.'s simple. Flats say, "I'm comfortable". Heels say, "I mean business." Enough said.
What I'm Wearing //
Blouse // CAbi Tailored Shirt 
Faux Leather Top // CAbi Fleather Shell 
My new favorite pants // Loft
Teal Suede Heels // old Banana Republic (similar options below) 
3.1 Phillip Lim x Target bag // sold out from Target (similar)

Not that it's necessary, but I love the slight touch of darker, bold yet neutral color the dark teal pumps add. They don't "match" anything but they go with everything. Same could be said for an oxblood/burgandy/maroon.

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