November 7, 2013

Stylishly Durable // This One's For The [Little] Girls

I'm a family gal, but I've kept Glitter in the Grey pretty women's fashion-centric (which is my passion...but not all I shop for!) Most of that other content gets pushed to Pinterest & IG...but I'm thinking this will be an awesome kickoff to more family-related posts.
My Chach (who's 8), sweet as can be, has a serious thing about clothes & shoes & how they fit. She won't wear jeans, shoulders on shirts can't be tight, and she likes knee-high socks rolled down to her ankles. She lives in loose-fit leggings. She's also the rough & tumble sort who is super active & not at all concerned with rips, stains, or how long a pair of leggings should actually last. I swear she burns through them after about 5 wears, and I've tried all levels of quality.
As you all know, I'm a HUGE supporter of the following:
1. Local businesses
2. Women-owned businesses
3. Entreprenurial Mom businesses
Today I'm sharing pers, which is all three!
I'm super excited pers reached out & asked me to help them promote their Kickstarter campaign which just launched this week. pers is a Seattle-based company created by Queen Anne mom Wendy Feller (who clearly had the same problem I do!). Her goal was simple :: to create a stylish but durable legging that looks cool and wears long. 

The features my daughters will love :: 
• secret hidden treasure pockets 
• tagless labels
• super fun prints & colors

The features I love ::
• USA-made
• built in knee pads (no scraped knees!)
• crazy fun prints & colors

Wendy's Kickstarter campaign is aiming to raise just $5000 (that's nothing...and she's already close!) to launch her new collation of 12 new styles with improved knee-pads. 

The leggings retail for $30, but you can get them for only $25 as part of Kickstarter.

pers has been producing made in the USA garments for girls since 2010 & isn't limited to just full length leggings. Check out Wendy's site and of course if so inclined, please help her (& all other mom-preneurs) with your Kickstarter support! They've been  featured in Daily Candy, Cool Mom Picks, and Red Tricycle, and of course awesome websites like this one.

This is not a sponsored post (though my girls will be testing out some Züpers soon)
I'm just a local mom giving a shout out to one of my kind.

This is truly a win/win situation. Maybe a little lady you love needs some new pants...that will last through Christmas, and buying  them will help support a Seattle-mom-owned company.

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