November 18, 2013

On The Prowl // The Perfect Leopard/Cheetah Coat (Again)

There are several factors that go into a great leopard or cheetah print coat. The most important is the print. Man, there are some B.A.D. animal prints out there. Good ones are not that illusive, but other factors also come into play. Cut, collar, thickness, length...price?! 
The best one I've ever seen was on my former boss, Lois Hill (12 years ago!) She was in Seattle for a personal appearance and showed up wearing the perfect faux leopard coat. I naturally gushed over it, tried on her size 8 & fell in love. Being the best giver ever (on multiple occasions!) she offered to buy it for me for Christmas. Shriek! She called the NYC boutique where she purchased it right then, but they didn't have my size. And just like that it was over. I've thought about that coat every winter since.
I've really had it in my mind all these years, to find one has been a fashion mission. I found a decent one last year, made better in that it was $35. So much about it is fantastic, but it's short, which makes it less wearable for me. It's also thicker than I want, but I do still love it. 

Buying the coat seen here was a true impulse purchase. I saw it online, loved it immediately, and pulled the trigger w/in 10 minutes. I don't normally do that, but I'd just sold some stuff on Poshmark & eBay so I had some free $$ to spend. 
What I'm Wearing//
top // Madewell
coat // Awear
coated skinnies // NYDJ ($44 down from $140 at Nordstrom Rack)
booties // Corso Como (another impulse purchase, though these were $5 from Nordstrom Rack) similar for way less
 Cleo bag // c/o Oscar & Anna 
(also available locally at My Dressing Room on Queen Anne) 
Honestly, while I do love this coat, it's still not perfect. Besides the fact it's a little snug (but pay to return to Ireland? Don't think so...), it's still too thick and shorter than I want. But I love that it kind of looks like a long blazer on my Amazonian frame so I'm going with it. 
shop leopard coats //

Sometimes (if you're willing) you have to search high & low for the perfect item and try multiples until you get it just right. But for me, it's the thrill of the hunt. And it's really not a bad investment since I can easily sell the "leftovers" when I've replaced them!
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