November 22, 2013

How To Wear // Booties With A Dress

Booties came onto the scene pretty big last year, and the styles offered and their popularity have continued to soar...not to mention they can be worn with almost every outfit. I practically hid away my knee-high boots all of 2012 and love the idea of booties not only with every style of jeans but with skirts and dresses as well.

My friend Ashley asked me the other day about black booties with a holiday dress. Love it.
My stipulations for her were to find a bootie with a matching black heel (not wood-color) and ideally a pair that aren't too dressy to not be able to be worn elsewhere. I love a more stiletto-like heel (certainly more dressy), but if they're uncomfortable or impractical and you only wear them once, what's the point?    

[images via Pinterest]
Option #1 is to wear black opaque tights, a look I adore...but not mandatory by any means, and really only necessary if weather dictates. That being said, if you choose a dress that isn't a dark color (like the gold one above), the black tights really pop and look amazing and quite possibly better than bare legs. Gold dress options at the bottom of post!

[images via Nordstrom/Pinterest]
Option #2 is bare legs (ok for any season.) Wearing a dress/skirt highlights the booties a bit more. Notice you don't have to have a certain height or thickness of heel, or height of bootie. The only thing to watch is where the bootie hits you on your leg. You don't want them to "cut off" your leg and chop you up. To avoid this altogether, see item #1 (black booties+black tights=one long lean line.)

[images via Nordstrom/Pinterest]

Booties with dresses/skirts are equally great with a more casual look as well. Above are all cool weather looks, utilizing different color & sheerness of tights. 

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I've bought some amazing new heels this season, but I'm going to pair those back to pants and jeans and utilize the booties for dresses. Plus...most of the booties are more comfortable than the heels so thats a bonus for holiday parties!

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