November 4, 2013

Brand Crush // Warby Parker

Warby Parker is another one of those companies that's not hard to love. Glasses are a functional accessory that people often wear daily. You want them to not only help you see, but be well constructed and look cool too. Buying them online can be scary...but what if you got....
1 • Free shipping. Free returns.
2 • Free home try-ons, 5 pairs for 5 days.
3 • $95 for a pair of designer prescription glasses? Yes.
4 • Buying them for yourself actually gives someone in need a pair too. Seriously, Warby Parker does the buy one/give one through several non-profit partners. LOVE!
Warby Parker's new Winter 2013 collection just launched. See a pair you can't live without?
Supporting companies that assist those in need in such a profound way 
is a super easy way for you to Do Good. 
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