October 24, 2013

What To Wear // To A Concert

First, let me thank you readers for emailing and posting style questions on social media. I love it! 
Second, don't you love it when someone else gives you immediate inspiration? I got both today when Amy from Iowa emailed to get some CAbi outfit ideas for her upcoming P!NK concert (ummmm, wish I went when Miz Alicia was here in Seattle this past week!)

Like me, Amy is a mom of three, and like me, she admitted she's nursing an extra 20+ pounds. She's about my size and doesn't want to look like she's trying too hard when picking an outfit for the concert. 
If I were going, here are the factors I'd be considering::
• I'll probably have to walk a long ways from car to venue, plus standing up a lot = comfy footwear
• I want to look cool, but not like I'm 25. Something a little edgy though, this is p!nk = posh+punk
• I'll be dancing around so I better not wear huge, heavy jewels that will clunk around = lightweight statement necklace
• I will get hot if I wear a leather jacket, but need something that covers my arms because it's cold outside = a cross between a jacket & a coat is in order
• I need to be comfortable, and feel really good about myself in order to have the best possible time = nothing out of my comfort zone...I can push the envelope though!

Here's hoping you (& Amy) get some posh//punk outfit inspiration. This really is the time to add a little edge to your closet. Metals, studs, buckles, zippers, leather, it's all happening in such a big way. And Amy...we'd love to see what you end up putting together...share a pic?

Shop On!

Much of the above collage is CAbi, comment on the blog if you need any more info. The rest should be here below (if you're viewing on mobile & can't see it, click through to the blog)

(btw, if interested in the Express moto jeggings pictured here, I just got a coupon to share with you!)
On another note, I've been obsessed with my cheap-o faux leather leggings. But they're leggings...which really limits the tops I can wear because butt coverage is mandatory. I decided the wisest option was to find some black coated denim that I can actually wear with shirts (not tunics) & still have that leather look. 
No one was more surprised than me to find the exact thing I was looking for (at Nordstrom Rack of course) for $45 by ...get this...NYDJ. I've always considered that brand to cater to ...well, moms of my mom's age, not me! They fit really nicely though, and hug my curves unlike the Paige & Joes's I tried on (which I liked, except in the waistband...too low rise). So yes, soon I'll be wearing Not Your Daughter's Jeans. 

Two takeaways today!
1//It's fun to get crazy with an outfit if the situation calls for it...but confirm beforehand you're comfortable in your own skin & don't end up "out" feeling awkward and unconfident.
2//I think it's important when shopping for an event to buy something not only appropriate for that occasion, but also something you'll be excited to wear again and again.  
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