October 30, 2013

The Dress

To make a fun story short: This super chic mom, designer, event-maker, and art-lover inherited a vintage halter dress from her mother-in-law and then quickly discovered that everyone she knew wanted one, too. 
Judging by how great she looks in it, you might also want one. 
The halter dresses—which convey a sort of Martha's Vineyard timeless ease with a mid-century sweetness and a Marilyn Monroe edge—are locally made, look like a million bucks but cost a fair bit less, and are available on her website. It's The Dress.
-Laura Cassidy, Seattle Met
(images via aprilpride.com)
Believe it or not, the above images are all the same dress. The Dress. In the same size. The only size. Ok, they're not the same...I mean, different colors and all, but what Seattle designer April Pride has created here is pretty amaze. She's also the stunning brunette in the first pics. 

When I meet April at her George Suyama-designed Seattle home, she's as chic & cool as any big NYC designer. She answers the door with a huge sarong of fabric wrapped around her skinny cords, she's been playing with drape & fit in her library-esque home-studio/office. She's as warm & inviting as an old friend, offers my son a toy from her kitchen, introduces me to her housekeeper. I mean, you'd never ever know I was some random chick from the internet. But here she is, happy to share her space, and The Dress with me.

Here's how it started...my friend Lisa emailed to invite me to April's trunk show. April had just been on our local mid-morning chat show so I was able to look up this clip below. I was stunned. Here's the deal...The Dress was April's only design. She's brand new at this and killing it! As a trained designer of interiors, she's already got IT...if you know what I mean, but becoming a dress designer wasn't her natural path. It sort of found her. Besides the obvious layering possibilities with The Dress, it only comes in one size! With that amazing obi belt it fits 2-12. 
immediately emailed April to ask if I could wear one of The Dresses to the trunk show and be her size 12 model. I loved the idea of one item fitting different sizes. How many of you have fluctuated over 2-3-4 sizes? Wouldn't it be fantastic to own one really chic dress you could wear casual or dressed up, summer or winter, and fit into it, like always
(if video doesn't from your mobile device // click through to blog)
As expected, I loved The Dress as much as I adored April. She did mention she's currently working on sizing 1-2-3 in the future, as there is a little too much fabric for the tiny gals, and maybe not enough in the bust for the women like....me. I rocked it anyway, and met some fun gals like Dana of It's My Darlin' (Seattle street style) at her trunk show at Far4 where they have a super curated collection of new+vintage+random art/jewelry/clothing. 

April's launching her leather obi belt (which I selfie'd below...I'm obsessed with how great it felt and fit!) as well as some new fabrics for The Dress, like men's shirting. I'm so excited to see what she's got up her sleeve and thoroughly enjoyed being her model and guest.
What I'm Wearing //
The Dress // borrowed from April Pride 
Cleo Bag // Oscar & Anna c/o
(also available locally at My Dressing Room on Queen Anne)
Booties // Cole Haan via Nordstrom Rack (similar)
Necklace // old Banana Republic
Leather Jacket // Spiegel (similar)
Go for the ask. You might get a 'no', but you also might get a yes...and get to wear a chic dress, meet a new friend, & fall in love with a teal wrap belt. 

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