October 1, 2013

Rock What You've Got ed.2 // Fall Closet Must-Haves

Holy Monsoon, people! We're floating away here in Seattle with the most rain we've had in a September weekend since the 1800's. Doesn't make for good photo ops, but luckily I have lots to talk about. How about Fall 2013 closet must-haves? Basics for your everyday casual chic life.
I'm excited to say I've been asked to do a guest post on another local blog, Holy Craft (check it out!). Sometimes it's all in a name, and Rachel picked a great one. Her's is a DIY/Crafting blog with an emphasis on her family and living in the Northwest.

I've been thinking a lot lately about fall wardrobe and how drastically my outfits have changed in just two weeks. I have a uniform of sorts once my kids are back in school, which usually consists of at least two of the below items.
It makes getting dressed easy when I'm in a rush, plus it's my take on casual chic. On a day to day basis, I'm literally picking my house, on a QFC/Target/or Costco run, working from home, cooking, oftentimes meeting up for playdates or momdates, and whatever else. It's busy and it requires comfort, but I think it's important to look pulled together and cute too. If not for myself, then for anyone I run into.
On Holy Craft today I talk about each of these items in more detail, but in case you actually need any of these items, I've created a little shop for you too (if you're reading on email, click through to the blog to view the widget).

CAbi items are not on this shopping assortment, but CAbi seriously makes the best leggings ever. They are thick (cover all bumps/bulges), hold their color & shape for years (literally), and have great waistbands. The two styles this season are plain or with faux leather details (both equally awesome).
I also think the CAbi Edge Tee is one of the best t-shirts I've ever had. I have it in both colors and wear them all the time.
The jewelry is all from Bauble Bar & of course my fave chevron necklace from Moorea Seal.

A few extras...
A few other accessory items I think you need:
- a cute hat (baseball hats are huge right now, as are wide brimmed hats, and beanies are still going strong)
- a great handbag or two (I'm a handbag swapper, so I change out regularly. Most women don't, which means investing in a lovely bag is even more important).
- scarves (these are so easy, they're sold everywhere and you can literally find great ones at every price point. I have scarves in my closet that cost $2 and $200. Doubtful anyone would be able to tell the difference.)
- sunglasses (again, I wear both super inexpensive sunnies and prescription polarized ones. I love them all.)

I welcome your feedback...please comment on my must-have list, does it ring true for you? What did I miss?

"Must-haves" is a loose term. You're not failing in the getting dressed department if you don't have (or want) some or any of these items. I find them comfortable, easy to wear, easy to style, and easy to look pulled together in. 

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