October 15, 2013

CAbi Has Some Big News...

My CAbi career has been such an amazing part of my life over the past 6 years, it's only fair to share with the masses. I share the collection and the infinite styling possibilities on the regular, and how easy it is to make casual-chic a part of everyday life.

What I'm great at :: presenting the collections and providing product knowledge on styling, fabrics, fits, cuts, and mixing it up.
What I'm good at :: working with clients and hostesses to plan and execute fun CAbi events and shopping experiences.
What I'm not awesome at :: talking about the business and the opportunity CAbi is.

Luckily for me I'm not the only one and CAbi is hosting a huge HUGE first ever CAREER DAY, on Wednesday! If you're interested in virtually attending this event in Chicago, hosted by none other than Academy Award winner and huge supporter of women, Geena Davis, you can! Want to learn more about the CAbi business and how we make money and why we love it so much? Please check it out. Or shoot me some questions!

On another note, there are 10 new items CAbi is launching next week to add to the F/13 collection...sneak peek here but more to come on Friday!

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