September 15, 2013

Woah. What A Morning. Phillip Lim + Target Review

I've been anxiously awaiting this morning maybe more than for the release of the new iPhone (I'm pretty stoked about that next week too...). This morning my girlfriend Emily & I woke up early and headed to Target to wait in line (as we've done together for past collaborations) to get first dibs on the Phillip Lim for Target collection that launched in store at 8am.
We got there about 30 minutes before the store opened and still weren't first. There are a bunch of Targets near us, but we chose the one in Renton because we figured there would be less interest in a designer/Target collob than there would be in more the fashion-y zip codes. We were right, and were 2nd in line.
People (women) started gathering soon after us and conversation was sparse, as everyone was on a mission. No one waits in line outside Target before they open unless they're on a mission. 
The doors opened and I scurried with my eye on two prizes. I pre-shopped and knew exactly what I wanted (bags). I also knew the bags would go first and that would be everyone's first stop. I grabbed the ones I wanted and quickly backed away. Some lady got cursed for cutting in line, another got elbowed. These women meant business. Every bag was gone in 10 seconds. (Full disclosure, our Target isn't in a super large city so there weren't THAT many out to begin with).
The Target dude leisurely (hello! do you not see what's going on here?!) walked to the back room and brought a roller cart full of more bags back to the sales floor. A) I had what I wanted already, and B) I'm totally crowd-claustrophobic so I stayed afar. Totally wish I had my phone out because it was basically this ::
5 seconds later (literally), the dust cleared, everyone scattered, and all that was left was a big cart full of empty cardboard boxes. Crazy!
I ended up with these items below and am totally happy. Got the dress and top as the cuts and fabrics are amazing, plus the fit is great and they really look very designer. The bags are just as good as anticipated and they look so much more expensive than they are. I also got my husband the black athletic shoe/boots, they're super cool and he's amazed (& excited) I actually bought him something.  
I don't know whats left in your store, but it's worth a look and I'm sure items will be returned soon for you to buy, and ideally items will be restocked online. That great navy+black tuxedo jacket and pant were on my list, but my store didn't have them. I think I did all right anyway!

Women are serious about designer at a discount. Beware.

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