September 13, 2013

What To Wear // To The Zoo

It goes without saying that if you have kids, you go to the zoo. My children are overly obsessed with animals so it's a no-brainer activity for us, so we have memberships at two big zoos (PDZA & Woodland Park). My sister & her family live just down the street from PDZA so we usually go with them, as we did this day. Both of these (& any other zoo, really) are huge and require a whole lot of walking (& shlepping). Comfort is key.
My Zoo Wardrobe Necessities //
1 • oversize sunnies (or hat)
2 • loose fitting tee that requires no effort but {naturally} looks chic
3 • comfortable pants or jeans in a medium to dark color
4 • a cross-body bag, or even better, a belt bag! {read more about that here...}

Regardless of the season (because we go all year round) these are always my guidelines.
1 • Naturally you need to cover up your lovely skin to prevent sun damage & postpone wrinkles, hence the sunnies/hat. 
2 • The tee might turn into a sweater & be topped with a jacket, but the key is loose fitting so you're not fussing with yourself all day. You'll likely be picking up kids/food/drinks/litter off the ground all day long. 
3 • We always picnic or end up sitting down & the last thing I want to deal with is stained pants. 
4 • A big handbag is just silly at the zoo. Take what you need only. Ideally you have a stroller to stash most of your stuff anyway!
5 • I have a thing about athletic shoes & most jeans. I hate it. If I'm going to wear athletic shoes, better believe I'll be wearing athletic pants or working a chic "skinny jean+cute athletic shoes vibe" like Jules does. She nails it every time.  
If I'm not wearing a sandal, I'll usually just have booties or boots on.  
As previously mentioned, I have a lot to say about fanny packs too.

No matter what you wear, have a good time!

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