September 20, 2013

This Is My Favorite Jacket...For Real

I'm pretty sure this is the most "fashiony"of any photo shoot we've ever done. Same camera, same lens, but the images turned out great with minimal color editing and I'm super impressed. You will be too when you read on...
I get asked often who does my photography. It's not like I have a photography budget, or a professional photog friend available on a moment's notice (because, seriously, when a mom has a sec to take outfit pics, you gotta do it then!) I usually scoop up all three kids, drive to a location (or, it in our driveway), and my photographer gets snappin'.
How do I always have one on hand then? 
It's my daughter, I bribe her with treats or excursions or a handful of car change. ...and...wait for it...she's 8. Yes, people, pretty much every image of me on this blog has been taken by a 2nd (now 3rd) grader. What do you think about that?
I digress...while I'd love to say I was at #NYFW, I've got kids starting new schools, no budget for NYC fun travel..and no big ticket

I do, however, get to attend a real-live professionally produced runway show 2x/year for CAbi. It's our first look at the next season's collection and I invariably fall in love with one or two items off the bat. Sometimes I'm not as excited when I see them in person and try it on, but this time I was spot on. My favorite item this season from afar was the Owens Jacket. Then I tried it on. OMG. Stunning. I even did a post dedicated solely to it, because I think you'll love it too. 
It's a takeoff on a super high-end leather jacket, but this jacket is not leather at all. It's stretch ponte knit with washable, soft, faux suede drape detail. I mean, a jacket that looks this amazing, but you can literally have your kid wipe his grubby paws on it, throw it in the washing machine and you're good. How great is that?
I'm fully decked today in Fall CAbi, the Ink Ruby Jean, Monroe Dress (yes, it's a dress...ruched up as a top), and quite literally, my #1 item from CAbi's fall collection, the Owens Jacket. Did I mention it's only $138? The shoes are Tory Burch wedges, super chic & comfortable, and super old as well. You can still get something similar, the cut & heel height remain the same, with a little less logo (which I actually prefer).
If you're interested in ordering CAbi, you need to go through a rep. We don't have online ordering yet, but I (or the rep you've worked with before) would be happy to get you any of these chic pieces.
Make the most of what you've got. Whether it be a super cheap (& inexperienced) photographer, or a giant rack of clothes in your office begging to be worn. (I know, first world problems....)

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