September 10, 2013

The Fashion Asian Invasion // Wing Luke

Along with the kids activities we participated in at Wing Luke, mama got her fashion fix as well, though quite unexpectedly. I had no idea there was such a great display there incorporating some of the biggest names in fashion right now, the evolution from early workrooms to today's runways.
Chai, Chung, Gurung, Kahn, Kim, Lam, Lim, Soon, Suzuki, Tam, Thakoon, Wang,'ll recognize many of these names as many of them are blowing up right now. The new delegation of Asian American fashion designers has been making a huge imprint in the fashion world for years. Here is s just a sampling of the exhibit.
How incredible is this dress? Luly Yang's gets front & center billing in this exhibit with her 'monarch dress'. She is, after all, one of Seattle's most famous designers with an enormous bridal business. (and btw, there's a huge Luly Yang Couture sample sale here in Seattle through September 20th)
One of my favorite designers ever is also on display. Trina Turk (who's 1/2 Japanese and incidentally attended the University of Washington) designed this one of a kind dress out of a vintage Japanese obi combined with her signature mix of contrasting textures and prints. She also used tweed & metallic jacquard. I'd wear this in a heartbeat. 
Something fun that Wing Luke offers for the kids (or...adults...) is the chance to dress up in couture. Here my little Chach is wearing a stunning Cicada garment...and naturally the 8 year old fits perfectly into sample sizes. 
Seeing some of the elements from traditional workrooms was also interesting. Who knows how many fabulous things have been created in similar spaces?
Besides the amazing work these Asian American designers are pumping out, we'd all pretty much be naked without workrooms in Asian countries that might look just like this...
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