September 22, 2013

Thank You + Full Disclosure

Hi readers, 
I've been blogging consistently for six months now and I'm honestly having a blast. I really hope you enjoy what I'm producing and I'm providing content you're interested in (& if I'm not, I want to know, and if you have ideas, I want to know).
Thank you for reading! 
I blog out of a passion for the fashion industry. I do this for free, and spend countless hours creating content. I'd LOVE to be able to earn a respectable income from the blog someday, but that's not why I do this.
My readership has grown significantly over the past six months but I have a looooong way to go before I'm recognized as a voice in the industry. Glitter in the Grey's Facebook page has 316 likes (which is awesome!) Except I personally know more than half of you people. Hmmmm. 

If you appreciate what I'm doing and want to share this blog, I'm forever grateful. Send the link to Glitter in the Grey via email or FB to your friends & family who will relate and enjoy the content. Please ask them to subscribe and help me to build my brand and continue to be able to create new content.

How do you read/follow/connect with the blog?
• Subscribe via email (over on the right is a box that says "Glitter your Inbox"), or Google+, or RSS.
• Use a blog reader service like Bloglovin' or Canopi and discover other great blogs in all categories as well.
• Connect on PinterestTwitter, or Facebook, where I share a lot more content that just regular blog posts. 
Full disclosure time and how I make money here.
I have affiliate links throughout my website that garner commission when you buy things I recommend (via Reward Style & Linkshare). Not everything I link to will be commissionable, and I will always try to link to the exact product I'm talking about even if I don't earn commission. Again, this blog is providing a service foremost! The girls at Nordstrom earn sales commission though, so why not me? 
I'd like to thank you for clicking through to e-shops to shop through my blog (even it's not the exact item I link to, it still works!). Eventually I'll be able to partner with brands, companies, & stores but not until I have more of a following.
If you're interested in helping me out, all you have to do is share with your networks. I'd love you forever.

Thank you!
I'm putting myself out there for real today. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it, because ideally everyone wants to help you build your own success! 

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