September 6, 2013

Five Faves • ed.7

For #5Faves this week, I'm starting something new...I'll be highlighting one fave from these categories. 

Something PRETTY
A super cute CRITTER
Something I find AWESOME
Something inspired & ARTY
And naturally, something DREAMY I want!
1 // PRETTY // This Sephora nail polish 
Inspired by Pantone colors, this multi-colored glitter is something I'd usually not be drawn to. For some reason this doesn't seem like it belongs on a 10 year old. 
2 // CRITTER // Awwwwwww.....
Stop it!! Dying. It's 2 year chimpanzee "Do Do" feeding milk to "Aorn", a 2 month old tiger cub.

3 // AWESOME // Lovely old vs new shots the same spots in NYC
via NYC Grid blog, all the images on this site have a yellow "tab" in the center of the photo that you can drag left or right to see more old vs. more new of the same shot through the decades. Incredible to see how the facades of some buildings are virtually unchanged in 100 years.

4 // ARTY // These are the most realistic water paintings I've ever seen.
By Zaria Forman (select galleries, prints available at ArtStar). I can't even believe they're not photographs. Truly amazing.

5 // DREAMY // Shinola Watches
Ever heard the saying, "You don't know shit from shinola"? Well Detriot-based Shinola Watches does. Read about this cool company in Business of Fashion . I'm obsessed with these basic industrial/unisex/modern yet classic timepieces. I haven't gotten (or wanted) a new watch in over 10 years. I'm saving for one of these.


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