September 18, 2013

Pull On Your Big Girl Pants // Literally

As promised yesterday, I have some pants for you...
The drapey, pull-on sweats-like pant is so very now. Best part, you can wear each and every one of these styles dressed up or way down. 
They can be knit, woven, silk...the key is the drapey factor. They must have a slightly slouchy fit and slim or tapered at the bottom. (Again, it's the 80's calling...and again I'm answering). Other recent mentions: shaker sweaters and 80's music.

I, for one, am happy to see the return of an easy-fitting pant, some of these even have {gasp} pleats. OMG. Thing it, they tow the line between lounge and luxe. The same pair of pants can likely take you from errand running to brunch to the office and then out at night. Quick switch of shoes+accessories and this style of pant can be your go-to for Fall. 

Uber Casual // Athletic Shoes
Everyday Casual // Flats
Warmer Weather // Sandals
Casual Menswear Inspired // Oxfords

I've seriously tried to do my best in linking up as many of these above pants to shop. Piperlime has great options, as does Nordstrom. You can also reference my other drapey pant post. Images not mentioned are borrowed (taken) from Pinterest or CAbi. Comment below if you are looking for something specific and I'll do my best to help ya out.


So...what are you waiting for? You need some!

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