September 11, 2013

It's Not a Fanny Pack // Or Is It?

 { Me, at the zoo last week. Wearing what my sister called a fanny pack }

My Mom once told me that you personally shouldn't embrace a trend twice. I took that advice to heart for years until I didn't anymore. I mean, it's 2013 & we've been documenting fashion for literally hundreds of years. How much more "new" can there really be? Trends have to recycle again & thoughts on a few of them...

Recycled trends I love ::
peplums (mostly)
skinny ankle pants (must have)
sheath dresses (always)
shredded jeans (obsessed)
platform shoes (well, some...)
one-shoulder looks
bell bottoms//flares
knit suiting
neon (in moderation)
ankle booties
floppy hats
bobs + pixie haircuts
overalls (on certain women)
cat-eye sunnies
midi-length skirts
printed pants
ok, this list could go on & on...

Recycled trends I do not love::
pretty much everything in this picture (ugh, the 80's, such a love/hate) ::
 acid wash
extreme shoulder pads
bucket bags (sorry...)
stirrup pants
socks with heels
overly baggy, round shaped jackets and sweatshirts
butt curtains (aka sweatshirts tied around your waist) 
...& the trickiest of the bunch...fanny packs 
{ sourced via google images }
I understand there are needs for fanny packs (i.e. fp's). Hiking, cycling, sometimes running, but understand, a fp is not a handbag. It should hold the barest of essentials because you're trying to create a look, &/or stay hands free. If you need more than a handful of things in your fp, it's time to look into a cross-body bag.
Here's the thing...There is a fine line between an acceptable and unacceptable fanny pack. 
The above images are just uncool. Here's why ::
• actually wearing a fp on your fanny (I hope she was being ironic)
• wearing the fp squarely in front
• having such a large fp that it looks like you might tip over
• stuffing the fp so full it may as well be a suitcase strapped to your waist
 See all these looks from the runway? (google images) So many styles, different designers...all have the same chic manner. and none succumbed to the elements mentioned above. I refer to mine as a belt bag since the actual words "fanny pack" are pretty abhorrent to me. Plus, I actually put mine through the belt loops so literally that's what it is.
You know who else things fp's/belt bags are cool? Rachel Zoe. So there. 

As usual, this post is meant to inspire and not offend. I'll say sorry now if you or your loved one likes or wears an fp. We can't all have the same taste, now can we? Mine is sold out, but from Karen Zambos. But in perusing her site, I found a scarf that is terribly awesome.
What trends would you like to re-do? ...or never see again?!

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