September 4, 2013

Back to School // 10 Things I Hate About You

There are so many things I have to talk about today. 
First // I never ever thought I'd wear a cropped top of any kind, but this shrunken sweatshirt layers so perfectly over it's matching tank, it actually creates a waist where there may not be one. It also looks amazing over a black maxi dress.

Second // my current favorite closet pairing is skinny jeans rolled up with these hair calf leopard stacked heels. With everything. From blouses to {literally} sweatshirts. You get the feel of a pump but the comfort of a wedge. Mine are old and likely no longer available, but these are similar and  this pair is awesome.
Third // This darling leather chevron necklace from local Seattle jewelry designer Moorea Seal. I just profiled her this weekend and she sent it to me to style up a few different ways. See how the designer herself styled it yesterday.

Lastly // this setting. I grew up in a neighborhood full of character and history, and if I was to ever move back to my hometown, that's the only neighborhood I'd consider. My mom still lives there and this is the view from her deck:
Hogwarts, right? Nah, it's Stadium High School, and while I didn't attend (I was a Catholic school girl), my school didn't have a swim team so I swam & dove for Stadium for three years. This school is famous for many things, but to Gen-X'ers like me, probably most for that teen movie starring Heath Ledger
My images don't even begin to show how amazing this school is, but I wanted to show some perspective. Here are some better ones I thrifted from the google images: 
100 years ago
 I clearly had a lot of fun stomping around the high school just before school starts (& where my nephew will be a freshman this year). I'm also sporting my 4-way stretch CAbi ink ruby jeans and S&D convertible clutch/bag.

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