August 6, 2013

I Love You, Owens!

The hunt for the perfect leather jacket has been a search I've been on for literally years (that and the perfect trench that isn't $900 Burberry, but that's another post...). 
The jacket I've been coveting is more of a draped style with fabric or knit insets. Something black that isn't too short. It's fitted to the body in back, but longer and more forgiving in front with more of a fluid shape. It's comfortable and wearable as a coat (outerwear) or jacket (part of your outfit).

Naturally, I found options the jacket I wanted by the super-talented designer Rick Owens. He makes the most luxurious, amazing leather items that I drool over. With a movie-star price tag. No chance one of those beauties was going to grace my body since lotto winnings haven't been in the cards around here...

Imagine my shock, surprise, and JOY when I saw CAbi has "IT" this season! I'm dying. It's sooo lovely in person, and being that it's a treated fabric to resemble a cross between suede and leather paired back to stretchy ponte knit makes it even more perfect. Clearly CAbi's design team loves them some Rick Owens as well. I think this is a perfect homage for the everygal!

CAbi Owens Jacket // Rick Owens Blister Brushed Leather Jacket
This has to stand the test of time as my favorite Save or Splurge ever. I mean, both are amazing, drool-worthy options I'd wear in a hot second, but one is 95% less than the other! 

One thing that's important to review :: when you're trying to re-create a high-end look it's important to make sure you're not sacrificing fabric or design in a "save or splurge". I've found plenty of drapey faux leather jackets, but I'd really categorize them as "pleather". Not soft, too shiny, overall cheap looking. I will never ever recommend something that looks cheap and find there is always a better option, while still saving significant $.

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