August 24, 2013

Five Faves • ed.5

:: Five cool things new on my radar this week ::
new mammal species has recently been discovered. My creature-obsessed kids loved this one. It's a raccoon-like critter with teddy bear looks. Adorbs!


This beautiful & interesting mixed metal cuff bracelet ($109). I love the mix of textures, colors, and how dressy/casual it is. Mama wants.


I'm not into dressing up like a superhero but this video from London's Comic Con is so fun to watch. Doesn't hurt that the song is super addictive and makes you want to dance. You should see our family dances to it. Aley-cat is almost too much...
(Song :: Scrape the Sky // Can't Stop Won't Stop)

This 'Swag Tee' from CAbi. I'm living it. My grey tee collection is over the top, but I swear I wear them all.


I have no doubt my friends and I will be just like this when we're 60 (likely minus the smokes)
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