August 16, 2013

Feet Week Day 4 :: Smoking Slippers

Flats. My go-to. I am out & about so much & with a baby on my hip so often that wearing a heel (unless it's a wedge) on the regular is just rough. I lovelovelove heels (they make me feel more confident, and make my legs & butt look so much better). But flats, they're the mom shoe, all right? Which is why they're featured twice on my Feet Week.

On Monday I talked about pointed toe flats. Those would generally fall into the "dressier" category, while the smoking slipper would generally fall into the "casual" category. Both great with skinny jeans or rolled up pants/boyfriend jeans, even a knit dress or cropped leggings and a tunic. I'm obsessed with the studded Ugg version below, they're already in my closet waiting for me! Thanks #NSale!

Shop smoking slippers ::

The thing I love about this smoking slipper trend is that they usually have a little (1/2") heel which is better for your back than a super flat ballet flat. Also the rounded toe makes for all-day wear...and the Ugg pair I got on the Nordstrom anniversary sale (again with the Uggs...) are lined in shearling! 

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