August 26, 2013

Do You Feel Like A Winner?

How awesome is the feeling of winning? It's exciting, empowering, and always brings a smile. I have never been lucky, so to speak, when it comes to contests. I remember my first win around age 10 at the specialty candy store near where I grew up, Maison GlacĂ©e (which btw was the first place I ever remember seeing an espresso machine. So ubiquitous today, but soooo fancy back then. Go 1983!). I digress. I think I had to guess the number of little cinnamon heart candies in a huge glass jar. And I did! Winner take all. It was pretty amazing and it felt good. 
Since then, I haven't been all that forward to the past year. Must be some blogger karma, but I've done all right. Bloggers give away a bunch of stuff...some sponsored, some not. 

My first win this year was super random as the 100th twitter follower of an etsy designer. Next was a couple of drawing giveaways that included a bunch of awesome paper products and beauty essentials (including over $100 in Butter London!). I also won some Stella & Dot earrings and my fave tote by Thu/Fri .
The shock of the century came when (on April Fool's Day, ironically) I got a tweet saying I'd won the mother of all Alexander McQueen knuckleduster clutch. I was giddy and had to ask if it was an April Fool's joke...I mean, that bag retails for over $2300! I think I stopped breathing for a second and couldn't confirm my email and address fast enough. Then I went to Dallas for CAbi and literally dreamed about it.

:: Facts ::
I am generally an expensive handbag carrier, but none of mine cost more than $400.
I've never owned anything that designer.
I've never been as excited to receive something in the mail.
I've had a really hard time using it...both because I don't want to damage it, but mostly because I'm not cool enough!
I can't decide whether to keep it or sell it (to save up for the Chanel bag I covet).

I did finally style it up (sneak peek below), but in the end, it didn't leave the house. I put it back on it's shelf and grabbed my standby clutch instead, which I felt much more comfortable with. thank you (BIG thanks!) go out to all the sponsors of the giveaways I can express gratitude to.

And so, in the spirit of things, I'm hosting my own giveaway. 
Winner will receive the pewter leather tassle keychain from C.Wonder. I have the same one in gold, shown styled here when I attached it to my Marc Jacobs clutch.

To enter, comment on this post (about anything you want) every day this week for your chance to enter (winner selected through random number generator).

This goes without saying, but enter the contests you see. I don't suggest eating up half your day with the silliness of it, but most times, they take literally 10 seconds to enter. You never know...

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