July 2, 2013

You Should Wear White Jeans...Seriously!

Happy July! Summer is in full-swing, & while its super(duper) hot in Seattle right now & most of us are wearing shorts, sundresses, & swim suits, a look of crisp, white denim is perfect as well!
I bought my first pair of white jeans when I was a senior in high school. I remember them specifically because they were on the sale rack (of course) in Savvy at Tacoma Nordstrom. They were Girbaud and actually fit very much like the white jeans I have on right now. At the time, they were a baggy fit, now it's called a boyfriend fit. Tomayto/tomahto. The other memory I have of those jeans is I was wearing them the night I met my husband! No idea where they are now...obviously, I'm not that sentimental.
Now to be clear, I'm not now, nor have I ever been...small. I'm practically the same size I was in high school, which isn't something I brag about, but it's just a place my body is comfortable. ...my point is, if I wear white jeans, why shouldn't/couldn't everybody?
In the short time I've been producing this blog, I've done 25 outfit posts. Four of them in white jeans! I love them. I have two pair, one skinny, the other slouchy. 

Why white jeans rock ::
• color (or lack thereof) // they work with every pattern or shade
• they lighten up the look of any dark top or jacket & can turn a winter look into spring or summer
• they say "I'm ready for warm weather"
• white is the perfect neutral
• they're white, but they're jeans // i.e. they look nice, but you still get to wear denim

Why women are afraid of white jeans ::
• they'll highlight my lumps+bumps
• they're limiting & can only be worn 3 months of the year, so why bother?
• they are only for young girls
• the'll show my underwear
• they'll get ruined upon first wear
...and the #1 reason ::
• they'll make me look fat

You can (& should!) do white jeans!
white jeans for everyone!
The best white jeans tips ::
• Fit is KEY. they must not be too tight. always opt for looser when it comes to light colored pants+jeans!
• Find a thick denim with some spandex
• Second most important tip is underwear! Either skip them all together, or wear a nude pair. White panties+white pants is not your friend! 
• To slim out the leg, opt for a lighter colored, not overly clunky shoe (nude is a fave), & a slight heel or wedge always does favors...
• Any color worn head to toe is slimming, same goes for white. Top with a colorful or patterned blazer or sweater for a pop of color & to ground the outfit.
• If you're full-figured//bootcut is always your friend, pair with a hip-length flowy top to balance out the bottom half.
• If you're petite//opt for a skinny leg option (ankle or full length), & to elongate the legs, try tucking in your top (at least in the front).
• Don't save white jeans just for summer. The adage of white only after memorial day is no longer true!
• Cropped white denim isn't my favorite...unless you're literally going clam digging. Try for full- or ankle-length for a more current look.

Keeping your white jeans white ::
• Save them for a clear day. Mud puddles+white pants=disaster.
• Scotchgard them before the first wear if you're so inclined.
• Don't wear dark or bright jackets or bags until you're certain those materials won't rub off on your denim.
• Wash often in warm or hot water. I like to add a large scoop of baking soda to go after any spots or discolorations on the fabric. Soaking in an oxi-type wash or with a little bleach will also help remove spots or stains.

:: Shop My Denim Picks in White ::
I'm not kidding when I say every woman should own a pair of white jeans. Continue to read this blog & I'll show you a dozen more ways to style them...all year round, I promise.

oh, & to calm your fears ::
• they'll highlight my lumps+bumps // not as long as they're not too thin or too tight
• they're limiting & can only be worn 3 months of the year, why bother? // wear white jeans all year long!
• they are only for young girls // nothing reads as chic in the summer as a mature woman in crisp white denim
• the'll show my underwear // nude (undies or commando)
• they'll get ruined upon first wear // save them for sunny days & use a napkin! oh, & if you have a toddler, don't wear them to the park
...and the #1 reason ::
• they'll make me look fat // not as long as you follow my tips! 

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