July 24, 2013

Relax! (& Shop Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)

I have people comment to me all the time, "I don't know how you do it." I'm here to tell you today that I don't always "do it". But you know what, I'm ok with that.
I'm not only running this blog (solo), I have an established home-based business (CAbi). Add to that 2 daughters with their own activities and a toddler son who's a master at being busy. I've had exactly 18 hours of babysitter help this summer, have no housekeeper, and just got back from {an amazing} five days away at CAbi Scoop.
So yeah, I'm behind. No blog posts, no shiny floors, and a comment from oldest yesterday, "I wish you didn't have to work so much". 
So...I felt bad for a second, promised something fun this weekend, and got back to it. And to add to the crazy, I started a cleanse today. It's a first and I'll keep you posted. 

The point it, I'm over-scheduled, over-worked, and over-sugared. I need some change and the only thing in my power right now is a 3-day cleanse! 
The rest...will be ok. The point is, just RELAX. It's ok, life won't be ruined by the absence of this or that for a while. Don't beat yourself up and go with the flow. And if you can, pour yourself a nice glass of wine or make a scratch margarita. I'll have to wait 3 days until I can do that again, but it usually does the trick!

So during all of this mayhem, my favorite sale started. Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale has been a staple in my life forever, it's the best retail sale around because every single item on sale is brand new. No old markdowns or items not selling. Every sale item in every department is around 40% off retail. Men, Women, Kids, Home, Shoes, you name it. Great stuff for next season...and you still have until August 5th to shop!
Clearly I've been too busy out of it to share my sale picks. I've talked about Nordstrom here and how insane the sale used to be. Mega-lines, crazy shoppers, items sold out the first hour...The former is taken care of thanks to pre-shopping appointments and the internet, the latter might still be an issue. Next year (when I'll be more on top of things, I promise!), I'll get you some sneak peeks on must-haves!

NORDSTROM - Shop Anniversary Sale for Women's Shoes

Here's what I'm coveting this year ::
$263.90 // after sale $395 
$89.90 // after sale $139.95
$72.90 // after sale: $109.95
$84.90 // after sale $128
$179.90 // after sale: $274.95
(4 for $52) $14.90 each // after sale $20 
$98.90 // after sale $149

...and the dream buy...  
  • $1239 //  after sale $1850

Notice there are NO clothes here? Well, I had some picked out, but no longer need or want them. 
CAbi killed it at Scoop this year! Our Fall-13 Collection is so on-trend, so fresh, so wearable, I
don't want to wear anything else. Can't wait to show you more! 

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