July 8, 2013

Rainbow Bright

There are endless 'guidelines' of fashion. Some I like to adhere to, others I shun. I fully believe if you want to wear something, you should. I express my opinions on this site, but I'm certainly not writing the fashion rules...do whacha please! 
One rule of thumb I generally try to adhere to is to keep the largest area of your body in the darkest color.....except when it comes to denim. For some reason, I lovelovelove the idea of a bright pair. I also love the idea of wearing something that others are afraid of! 

Red-CAbi Orange-Gap $9 Yellow-CAbi | Green-Old Navy $8 Indigo-CAbi Pink-CAbi Grey::CAbi
(I get to buy CAbi at a steep discount//perk of my job!)

Just call me Rainbow Bright, because clearly I've got the color wheel covered!
In terms of investing in multiple colors of denim, I wouldn't advise it (i.e over $100 per pair). Not one pair above did I paid full price for. Find them on sale! Spend more for great blue or black jeans, you'll wear them more often & for longer!

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