July 27, 2013

Nailed It!

I just got back from CAbi Scoop. I'm blown away! Every season someone says, "It's the best collection ever". This time, I agree. They nailed it! Our brand and designs have evolved in a BIG way since I started working for this company in 2008. Back then, I knew I could sell the line (the cuts, quality, fabrics are all high-end for sure)...I just wasn't as drawn to wearing it in it's entirety. Back then, I was a new mom in her early 30's with no desire to dress conservative, classic, or professional. I was casual chic & sporty & comfy all the way (hmmm...some things haven't changed much...). I'd say I would wear 20% of the collection back then.
Fast-forward to 2013...we have a super chic design team (still including Carol Anderson, our founder) and our aesthetic is now fresh, edgy, and so on-trend, while still maintaining the elements we're known for (flattering cuts, high-end quality fabric & construction). We also still have the conservative & classic element to our collection, but I'd say I'd wear 80% of it now. I'm so excited to do so and share it here!
 Some of my favorite CAbi Fall trends ::
CAbi Fall-13 Trend :: Black // White
Black and white is so simple, so chic, and oh-so-easy to do. There are so many options from CAbi this season in every single category. You'll have no problem pulling together a killer look with these choices.
CAbi Fall-13 Trend :: Leather//Fleather
If Stella McCartney can make amazing vegan leather bags everyone covets for upwards of $1000, then seeing what CAbi has to offer in the leather/fleather category will blow you away. Everything above is under $140. I'm gaga over the skirt and jacket!
CAbi Fall-13 Trend :: Print // Texture
No Fall collection would be complete without some prints & textures. My favorite thing about CAbi's is the neo-animal print (not screaming cheetah or lizard) and the use of delicate textures to create lovely patterns. That lizard "sweatshirt" above? It's chiffon with stretch cotton knit at the neck, hem, and cuffs. Genius.
CAbi Fall-13 Trend :: Tech // Sweat

Watch out lulu's! The uber-popular (at least where I live) B.C. brand has a new competitor! CAbi's all new tech wear has been in development for over a year and everyone is so excited it's debuted this fall. The four pieces in the tech // sweat trend are to wear together or mix & match with everyday wear. Looking chic during a run, off to Pilates, after yoga, headed to Target and everything in between. 
The Fall collection officially launches August 1st!

In case you don't know what CAbi is, check it all out here.

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