July 11, 2013

EE Cream // Erase Everything!!

I get asked to do posts on beauty products, but I'm seriously no expert. 
I've been using the basic Oil of Olay since it came in glass bottles (practically). I love it & think that for the price, it's an excellent lightweight everyday moisturizer!
I like to layer another moisturizer on top usually, for a little color. I currently use a BB cream, want to try out a CC cream, & have heard good things about Julep's DD cream (it's anti-aging!!)
I can't take credit for the above graphics+research. I re-blogged them from the uber-darling Kate. If you need a beauty+hair blog to follow, hers is fantastic!! She also just posted again about BB creams here!

But the real question is, have you heard of EE creams? They're guaranteed to erase everything. I mean, like a facelift in a bottle! 

Thinking about it now, this would have made an excellent April Fool's post!
So....sorry, no such thing as ee cream....yet!...but if you google it, it does sound like an "ee cream" is a specific type of dachshund. Who knew?
What's your newest skincare product? Want to share?

*********Update 11-26-2014**********
OMG it exists. It was only a matter of time...but here it is - and I doubt it "erases everything" like I was hoping for , but it's the newest, latest, & greatest!

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