July 4, 2013

3 items | 3 outfits

Happy Independence Day! Hope you're wearing your stars and stripes (cheesy, corny, patriotic...it's all good today)!

Here's how it goes when you're a blogger...you have a certain outfit on & think, "We should take pictures". Later, you're shopping, looking again for some ripped-up, deconstructed jeans that aren't a rip-off (thanks, Em!) ...Well, you find some on sale you love at Nordstrom by Mother (or they could have been these), but still can't justify buying them at $140 even though they used to be $210. So you try some on at JCP that look super cute, but clearly were made for a woman (or girl?!) with no ass, because even at $14 they're no bargain & do you no favors. So you head to the Gap, find some 1969 denim that are pretty awesome, on sale, and have an extra 40% off in-store promo & you're happy at last.
Then you decide, "Hey! I can totally turn the top & skirt I have on plus the jeans I just bought into three whole outfits!" So you head to the park across the street (with the kids in tow), do some stealthy changing & have your 8-yr old snap some iPhone pics...or... wait...everyone doesn't do that? Is it just me?
Original look :: nautical striped tee (similar) + elastic waist rayon print skirt (similar here or here) (both CAbi), boots (similar) + sunnies (both Target)
Look 2 :: skirt pulled up as a top (bra straps tucked into bra) and Gap 1969 denim, Karen Zambos bag
Look 3 :: tee + jeans = simple (& my favorite of the 3 looks)

Have a safe & happy 4th!
There's nothing I love more than a twofer. A single item you can wear more than one way. I've worn this skirt as a top before, usually with a little jacket over it. Which in that case, you can just keep your bra straps up since no one will ever be the wiser.

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