June 17, 2013

You Stud! // ...Plus Another Giveaway

Were you aware the mismatched earring trend is back in full force? We all have it...that  little section of the jewelry box with a mess of single earrings. I mean, it's only been 6 years, but the mate to that one is bound to show up sometime, right?? (uh, probably not...) It might be a bit much for some to wear two different dangly baubles, but mixing up studs is super easy, fresh, and just edgy enough that anyone can pull it off. 
(images via google)
You can even buy earring sets pretty much anywhere that sells jewelry that don't match! My faves are all sold out online or I'd post them here, but some of the best come in odd number sets like 3 or 5. I love that!
// this grouping comes from vogue.com //

I'm sure you have a ton of stud earrings just begging to be pulled out and mated with another lovely...
Feeling Studly?
However, if you don't, or you need to add some lovelies to your mix, you could...
You're a stud! Go for mismatch! ...and comment to tell me you did either here on the blog or on facebook!

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